March 11, 2012

Life as we know it...

I thought it might be refreshing to have a post on here just about how life has been going in the Farmer household. I have no new recipe updates as I have been a little too preoccupied to get any of my creations photographed, although the only thing we have been eating lately are Arugula salads packed full of veggies. And I have had a proud mommy moment with Emory every day when he willingly chooses and devours a healthy salad instead of a sandwich. Makes my heart happy. 

This kid cracks us up every day. He is so smart and so independent. The other day he had to go potty while I was putting Adlai down for a nap and instead of coming and getting me he (on his own) knew he could not get on the potty by himself and went into his room and got a little chair, took it to the bathroom, and went potty all by himself. I was so proud of him, instead of having an accident or not knowing what to do, he thought all for himself, and is so self sufficient. He definitely takes after daddy. He loves being outside and plays in his sandbox all day long. He is an amazing little drummer, and can turn any and everything into drumsticks and a drum set, and a little birdie told me that he might be getting a drum set for his birthday.  One of his (and our) favorite things to do is watch two of the Hillsong worship dvd's. Emory loves listening and playing along with them, and who does not love some hillsong worship time? He is full of energy, and definitely not lacking in the spunk department which can be quite a handful some days, but we love him more than anything!

Aldai is my sweet little problem child. I decided that anything that could and should be easy, is just not easy for him. He has tested every ounce of my patience and energy these past seven months. He has been a very hard baby (at times), but he is also the happiest little thing, and chalk full of energy! He may not sleep (especially at night), and won't take a bottle for anything (leaving mommy and daddy on a very tight leash), and he seems to get sick a lot, BUT this kid has me wrapped around his finger tighter than I ever thought possible. He is the sweetest little baby I could ever ask for, and he melts my heart every day. He is so funny already, and does this fake laugh that cracks me up. He watched Emory like a hawk, and already has started imitating him. They are best buds already, and I get so much joy seeing the way they interact. Since he weighs a whopping 19 pounds already he is not anywhere near crawling yet. Can you blame him? He is too chunky to move, let alone get on all fours. Rolling over is his extent of working out right now. He loves being outside and loves playing with all of Emory's toys. He is already a daddy's boy which also melts my heart. All in all he has challenged us in every way, but being his parents has been the most rewarding thing ever. I also happen to think he is the cutest little boy I have ever seen!


  1. I love seeing the sweet photos of your family Missy! I saw a picture of BJ the other day when I was helping his folks unpack. At 3 months he weighed 18 lbs!!!

  2. Your kiddos are so adorable and you are an excellent Mommy. You're definitely one of my role models :)