July 1, 2010

Cutsom Blog banner contest

Emory turned one last week!

I am always amazed at the simple ways that the Lord works in our lives. Yesterday I stumbled upon my new favorite blog. I am always looking for healthy and unique recipes, and this blog is seriously awesome! As you know from my previous post about eating for life, my cooking journey is headed towards a new path of more natural cooking. I have been looking around for blogs that will inspire me to think outside the box (while keeping it natural), and this blog is definitely what I was wanting to find. It is so refreshing when you feel like other people have the same passions as you, and even though it is just recipes on a blog, i can't help but feel connected to the chef writing those recipes! Anyways about the blog banner contest....She (the author of roostblog) is a graphic designer, and is giving away a free custom blog design! Some of you may not understand my extreme excitement here, but I have spent the last few months since starting this blog, trying to get my blogs header to be perfect. The problem is, with my lack of knowledge about editing blogs, and the lack of editing that this host website gives, I have been extremely frustrated that it still does not look the way I want it to. I want my header to really express who I am, and set the tone for my blog. Because cooking and baking is a passion of mine, I really want my blogs layout to show that, but at the moment it is nowhere near where I hope it will be one day. So that being said, I entered into this contest in hopes that I will win, and I can work with her on creating a custom blog. By the way, her work is incredible! So let's pray that I will be able to win this contest, and get my blog moving forward!
P.S Chocolate loaf cake recipe coming soon....

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  1. thank you for your sweet words Missy! Im so thankful that you and I have so much in common and we can share our passions for natural whole foods. I look forward to perusing through your blog and great lookin' recipes. Best of luck with the giveaway:)