June 21, 2010

Eating to live...

There are two kinds of thinking, "Eating to live" or "Living to eat". The first is displayed by only eating the foods that your body needs to survive. The foods that heal and protect your body from disease. Foods in their natural form. The second way of thinking is displayed by eating anything and everything you want, with no regards to health or wellness. Of course these are the extremes, and many people fall somewhere in the middle. Up until this past week, me and Toby did our best to eat with health in mind, but we never put much value to the fact that our diet can affect our lives. For those of you who don't know, Toby has an auto-immune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. He has lived with this disease for 6 years now, and it has really taken a toll on his health and his everyday life. In doing some research, he found a book called "Restoring your Digestive Health", that was written to help people take a different approach to letting their bodies heal themselves through diet and supplements. The book is incredible, and Toby is starting a specific diet tomorrow that he will follow for the next few months in hopes that his disease will go into remission, and he will start to feel better.

That being said, after his "broth" diet, we have decided to start eating a "Primitive Diet" and eat in a way that will benefit our overall health. I wish I could write all about this (I have a passion for health), but there is so much information and not enough space for it all. Here is a website that talks more about it. In essence, a primitive diet consists of all natural foods, it is a diet based upon the foods that were eaten during the time that Jesus walked the earth. It may sound extreme, but really it involves eating lots of fruits, veggies, and meats. The focus is to eat foods that will heal your body, and prevent diseases, while teaching your body to use the right foods in the right way.

The reason I mention all of this is because I am taking a new approach to the blog. I am taking a leap of faith and going to blog this new journey with all of you. The recipes will be delicious, and it is going to be fun learning how to be creative using all natural ingredients. I hope that Toby's body will be healed during all of this, and I really hope that all of you will at least give this new concept a try. I have two more deliciously unhealthy dessert recipes to post (chocolate peanut butter cookies and mini chocolate meringue cupcakes) before I start posting my more natural recipes.


  1. I am willing to try whatever you toss out to share with all of us...uh, maybe this way of eating will help BJ and his poor stomach woes as well! :)

  2. Hi Missy,

    Thank you for sharing about this in your comment. My husband has crohns and colitis so I can TOTALLY relate! We are big fans of Jordan Rubin and have been encouraged by all of his books. Fortunately my husband not longer has symptoms of crohns but he still has some inflammation that needs to be addressed so that is why we are on our strict diet that I mention on Roost. Ultimately we trust the Lord and Holy Spirit for healing and restoration of his body AND Toby's! And I encourage you both to dive into the world of healing through diet. It is ALL related and we have noticed a tremendous difference once we cut things out. I pray healing and blessings on you and your family!